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Hours of Operation:

Monday       8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Tuesday       8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Wednesday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Thursday     8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Friday          8:00 am - 3:00 pm

P: 780-569-1010



St.City Denture Clinic provides exemplary services to our clients:



For all of our services, St.City Denture Clinic offers flexible payment options to meet your budget.



Our clinic offers a variety of products to ensure affordability for our patients.

We charge standard fee guide pricing with the option to enhance the materials if desired.

Whether you’re a first-time guest or just have questions about your loose or missing teeth, Jami would be pleased to answer all your questions and provide a free, no obligation consultation. The convenient hours provide flexibility with your busy schedule. Even more, the office is wheel-chair accessible and able to accommodate your unique needs.

Achieve a healthy smile and improve your quality of life with St.City Denture Clinic at our fully equipped denture clinic and lab, Our staff will help you to achieve a smile that looks and feels natural.

Located just off the Anthony Henday in St. Albert, St.City Denture Clinic specializes in dentures and removable prosthetics.





Partial dentures are a great solution if you have spaces within your mouth needing to be filled due to tooth loss. By replacing the missing teeth, we improve your smile, ability to chew, health, and appearance.
We offer several solutions when it comes to partial denture options including flipper dentures, partial acrylic dentures, and metal/acrylic dentures also referred to as cast partial dentures.



When the time comes for natural teeth to be removed St.City Denture Clinic offers immediate dentures. Immediate dentures are placed directly after teeth were extracted by a dentist and acts as a Band-Aid during healing. It is used to avoid the inconvenience of having to go without teeth during the healing process. At first, your full dentures may feel very awkward, however, over time, you will learn how to use your gums, jaws, and cheek muscles to keep your dentures in place. Some prefer using denture adhesive to keep their teeth firmly attached to their gums during the day. This is particularly useful if you plan on eating food that would normally be somewhat difficult. There will be continued care and instruction with immediate dentures as the gums shrink at a rapid rate the first 6 months following the extraction of natural teeth.


Implant Retained.PNG

A denture implant is a tiny titanium fixture inserted into the bone to replace the tooth’s root and serve as a permanent anchor for dentures. Implant retained dentures are the closest possible replacement for natural teeth. They offer more stability and a much more natural look and feel then standard dentures provide.



A complete denture is a removable appliance used when all teeth within a jaw have been lost and need to be replaced with a prosthetic. There are many reasons why people may need complete dentures. Sometimes tooth decay or malnutrition results in teeth needing to be removed, or even an unforeseen accident or injury can result in someone needing dentures. Complete dentures are an ideal way to replace missing teeth regardless of the reason that natural teeth were lost.

If your denture is damaged for any reason, or needs a re-line (hard or soft), St.City Denture Clinic offers same day repair and re-line services!


Our Team of Qualified Denture Care Providers




As the owner of St.City Denture Clinic my goal is to provide our patients with a safe, comfortable, and positive environment when helping them with all their denture needs, including oral health. I strive to give all patients back their confidence to smile, laugh, eat, and socialize, while assuring that only they know that they are wearing false teeth. I have been in the Dental profession since 2009 starting my career off as a dental assistant (RDA2), where I found my passion in caring for clients, and really took interest in the changes that a set of dentures could have on a patient both physically and mentally. I decided to continue my schooling at NAIT to become a fully licenced Denturist. After completing the schooling, I worked full time as an associate at a well-established denture clinic in West Edmonton, gaining further knowledge under a very reputable mentor/denturist .I have always brought abundant energy, creativity, dedication and personal knowledge to the workplace, so I can assure you that I am committed to providing the best service possible to yourself and/or your loved ones.




I strive to form lasting relationships with my patients and provide the best denture services for each patient I work with. My interest in teeth started as a young teen and has continued throughout my life. I find it fascinating how teeth can impact not only someone’s appearance, but their entire personality, confidence, and attitude. This furthered my interest in Denturism as we can help restore not only a physiological structure that has been lost, but we can also help patients gain back their positive energy. I studied at NAIT and trained in a highly-founded denture clinic in Red Deer, which has helped me gain the proper skills and knowledge to move forward in the Denturist profession. I am thankful to be a part of the team at St.City Denture clinic, and I am eager to continue to grow here as a denturist. Through perseverance and hard work, I am dedicated to finding the right solution for each patient that walks through our doors while aspiring to keep a smile on their faces.



Denture Lab Assistant

I have always known that I wanted a career in dentistry and St. City Denture Clinic has exceeded my expectations. Working alongside denturists is nothing short of amazing. I enjoy interacting with all our patients and strive to ensure that every visit is a positive one. It is incredible watching patients walk out of the clinic with a smile they are genuinely proud of.


#240 140 St Albert Trail
St. Albert, T8N 7C8


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